DIVINE SHOW — это не просто «ночной мюзикл» как таковой, а ночное ревю — музыкально-танцевальное шоу, не имеющее общего сюжета, номера которого объединены общей темой.

НАША КОМАНДА: Танцевальное шоу, Go go girls and boys, Топлесс, Стриптиз, Модели, Акробаты, DJ's, Артисты.

DIVINE SHOW is an experimental night musical composed by two eccentric artists Mario Mitkov and Andrew Markeev. The authors of this programme have decided to combine in this "night performance' an erotic poetry, theatre costumes and surrealistic show. 
The Girls are working topless too.

DIVINE SHOW — is not just "a night musical" as it is, but the night revue, musical and dance show which has no overall theme, its spots are united: queens of the night, the heiress of Cleopatra, come down from heaven, to seduce and captivate the audience.

OUR CREW: Dance show, Go go girls and boys, Topless, Strippers, Models, Acrobats, DJ's, Singers.